established in 2015


When visiting our property along the foothills of Idaho Falls, you'll find that we are home to Pine Hill Events, which hosts local weddings and events, Lighthouse Montessori School, specializing in Montessori and outdoor education for children ages 2-12, and Idaho Living History and Agricultural Center, which sponsors summer youth education programs..    

Mrs. Laurie A. Roth-Robinson founded Lighthouse Montessori School in Ammon, Idaho in 2003.  She began teaching students ages 3-6 in a classroom she had set-up in her home. By 2005, she moved into a separate, larger building to accommodate more students. In addition to her successful Early Childhood classroom, over the next couple years she added a Toddler program, Lower Elementary classroom, and Upper Elementary classroom to the school.

In August of 2015, Mrs. Roth-Robinson moved to a new location and realized her dream of providing a school that rests on forty acres of beautiful, wooded, farm land that would allow children to include nature into their educational process. To accommodate its growing population, Lighthouse Montessori School is looking forward to breaking ground on a new building to create space for our expanding elementary program and  for the addition of our upcoming middle school program.

As we are always interested in sharing the beauty of this property and including the local community, Mrs. Laurie Roth-Robinson founded the Idaho Living and Agricultural Center which provides summer programs for the community and children based on outdoor education. 

Due to the popularity of the property and repeated requests from friends and families of the school, we have decided to invite our local community to come enjoy the unique beauty this property has to offer for weddings, community events, family reunions, retreats, and much more.  Therefore, Pine Hill Events was founded in 2016 with the hope that you love the property as much as we do.

We look forward to meeting with you and hosting your upcoming event.


Pine Hill Events